Monday, October 20, 2008

The one who always picks up the tab at the hippest joints and has the latest gadgets. Money means power to you.
Someone who often splurges on lavish gifts for others. Money means gaining acceptance from others.
You spend beyond your menas buying the best of everything. Money may mean you can buy self-worth.
"I love running but get bored quickly, so I made a playlist in my iPod with lots of upbeat tracks that really get me going. At the moment, I love Rihanna ad Timbaland."
"I used to struggle with diets because salads would never fill me up. Now I add more substantial ingredients like chicken or tofu to keep me satisfied."
"I recommended eating a small soup before a meal. Whenever i do this, I tend to eat less."
"I use to jump on the fitness bandwagon for a few weeks, then give up when i got busy and didn't have time. Now i try not to overdo it by commiting to fewewr workouts, just three every week, but making sure i dont skip any. Being consistent is the most important thing."
"Drink lots of water! i found that when i drink two litres a day, i'm not nearly as bloated since my body doesn't need to retain water. I look leaner, plus my skin's clearer, too."
According to the American Academy of Neurology, nearly one in five adult women get migraines just before their periods. A research was carried out and the results were that migraines do have some oestrogen connection. Part of your period cycle involves oestrogen levels to consistently rise followed by a quick dip as progestrone levels go up. It's during this "oestrogen wothdrawal" that you are most susceptible to a menstrual migraine.
Over 100 million animals are used globally inscientific research via methods most would consider inhumane. They're confined to small cages or chained and subjected to experiments such as food deprivation or being infected with diseases.
More than 30,000 whales hav been killed despite a global ban on commercial whaling since 1986. Harpoons using explosive grenads rarely killed the whales on first blast. They're hoisted up the side of the ship by the tail with their blowhole underwater, leaving them to drown.
In a cage of about 45cm to 50cm, five chickens are kept inside and never allowed outside again till they're slaughtered. Bearing in mind that the average wingspan of a chickenis 76cm, you can imagine how restrictive movement is.
More than 50 million animals are killed each year for fur via methods such asanally electrocutting and getting skinned alive.

Monday, October 6, 2008


In order to make a good presentation, one have to consider some factors in the presentation prepared. Those are the title of the presentation, the audience during presentation, duration of the presentation, the conclusion and few others.

During presentation, the presenter is best not to look nor reading at the text that will be presented, but it is better to use a video or pictures. This will not only make the presentation easier to understand, but the audience can easily imagine what the presenter is presenting in front of them.

Choosing a suitable topic based on the audience is very important as this will somehow affect the attention. A simpler and easier topic like 'making kites' will make children pay attention. But, upon presenting in front of the adults, like university students or the corporates, a 'heavier' topics like finance and management will suits the air of presentation. Choosing the right topic for the right crowd will soon deliver what the presenter is trying to say.

A presenter should minimise the time of topic being presented. A long presentation will only make te audience boring and their attention will sooner or later fade. So, an effective talk with lesser time-consuming will make the presentation accepted and understandable.

Conclusion is the simplified talk that summaries the whole presentation. It includes the objectives of the presentation as well as the whole thing that has been presented.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Millionaire structural engineer Ted Crawford discovers that his beautiful young wife, Jennifer, is having an affair, and plans her murder. He shoots her in the face and readily admits to it to the police, but she lives, and he is found innocent. District attorney Willy Beachum, is determined to prosecute him.
21 : Bringing Down The House

Con artists come in all shapes and forms. In this New York Times bestseller, it's brainy nerds. In this true story, six MIT math whizzes are recruitted and trained by a secret organisation in the early 1990s to take on major casinos and beat them at their own game by way of a card counting system at blackjack. Told from the viewpoint of Kevin Lewis, one of the group's big players, they infiltrate Vegas and soon see the money rolling in by the millions. But what goes up must come down. A few years later, cracks appear in the team, along with threats from a rival team.

Hari-hari memotong kuku menurut ISLAM~
keluar dari tubuhnya ubat dan masuklah penyakit
keluar kekayaan dan masuklah kemiskinan
keluar penyakit dan masuk sihat
keluar sihat dan masuklah penyakit
keluar was-was dan masuklah kepapaan
keluar penyakit dan masuklah penawar
keluarnya dosa dan masuklah pahala serta rahmat
kesimpulannya, hari yang disunatkan untuk umat Islam memotong kuku adalah pada hari Isnin, Khamis dan Jumaat.
Snap a pic…klik3!!!

Take photos 15 minutes after sunrise and 15 minutes before sunset. It produces a magical look with gorgeous golden light and beautiful shadows. But, remember to take a silhouette photo of objects shadowed by sunset light for a dramatic effect.

Try not to take photo with sunlight coming over your shoulder as this will make the subject look flat and boring. Snap a photo with light hitting the subject from the side.

A busy background (people moving behind subject) will make the subject lost in it. So, blur the background to make the subject stand out by setting the camera to the smaller aperture.

“Rule of thirds”. Draw 3 imaginary vertical lines and 3 imaginary horizontal lines to divide the photo area. This will help to place the important subject on the intersections of the lines or along the lines to achieve the right spatial balance.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seorang Janda

Suatu hari, ada seorang sahabat berkahwin dengan seorang janda. Lalu Rasulullah bertanya kepadanya mengapa dia menikahi seorang janda, sedangkan kalau dia berkahwin dengan seorang anak dara, dia boleh bermanja-manja dengan isterinya.

Maka sahabat itu menjawab, dia mempuyai banyak adik-adik kecil yang tiada siapa boleh menjaganya. Seorang janda mempunyai pengalaman untuk menjaga anak-anak kecil kerana ibunya sudah meninggal dunia. Maka Rasulullah pun diam.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hukum Bercelak Mata

"Hendaklah kamu memakai celak mata kerana dapat menyihatkan mata dan menyuburkan bulu mata"...Ibnu Majjah meriwayatkan hadis daripada sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.

Dalam hadis lain dari Ibnu Abbas, bahawa Rasulullah SAW mempunyai bekas celak mata khas. "Apabila mencelak matanya, baginda menyapu sebanyak 3 kali" (Ibnu Majjah-At Tibun Nabawi)

Dengan memakai celak, seseorang itu dapat;
1. menyihatkan mata
2. menguat dan membersihkan pandangan
3. menghilangkan penyakit mata
4. mencantikkan mata dan menyinarkan cahaya mata

Allah Menangguhkan Azab

Seorang pemuda Bani Israil melakukan ketaatan dan penghambaan kepada Allah selama 20 tahun dan membuat kemaksiatan selama 20 tahun. Pada suatu hari dia bercermin, dan melihat rambut-rambutnya memutih. Dia mengingati dirinya dan merasa malu dengan apa yang telah dilakukannya.

Dia berkata,"Duhai Tuhanku, 20 tahun aku beribadah dan 20 tahun juga aku melakukan maksiat. Jika aku kembali kepadaMu,adakah Engkau memperkenankanku?"

Tiba-tiba kami terdengar suara yang mengatakan : " Kamu mencintai Kami, maka Kami pun mencintaimu, kamu tinggalkan Kami, maka Kami meninggalkan kamu, kamu berbuat maksiat kepada Kami, Kami menangguhkanmu dan jika kamu kembali kepada Kami, Kami akan menerimamu".

Sumber : "Kisah Orang-orang yang Makbul Doanya"
Terbitan Pustaka Al-Shafa Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

GO your balcony

1. PLANTS - It is better to buy small or taller plants due to space constraints that don't take much space like bonsai, foliage, cactus and evergreens. Spider plants are also suitable as they are ideal for hanging baskets on the railing or on the wall.

2. POTS - Ceramic planters are various designs which can create a colour theme for your balcony. A saucer can be placed at the bottom of the pots to avoid water spillage.

3. PLANT DECORATION - Taller plants must always be placed at the back, behind the smaller plants so that all plants are visible for view. Decorating the plants according to same colour and size may give a greater impact.

4. WATER - Plants must be watered regularly so that the plants are not wilting. This is because the moisture in plants tend to dry up quickly at a higher level.

5. SUNSHINE - Plants must also be arranged properly so that they will get sufficient sunlight for growth. So, taller plants must be placed behind the smaller plants.

( Source : CLEO, by Ain Ruzanna Farid)

Friday, July 25, 2008

(Friday, July 18, 2008 by: Mike Adams)

Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer by 40%, Cooking Destroys Benefits

Eating as little as three small servings of raw cruciferous vegetables per month, such as broccoli and cabbage, has been found to decrease the risk of developing bladder cancer by an astonishing 40 percent. Researchers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo had discovered, that only one of several that have recently added to the evidence that raw fruits and vegetables dramatically lower cancer risk.

However, the researchers did not find a protective benefit from eating the same quantity of cooked cruciferous vegetables. This shows that cooking these raw foods will destroy the anti-cancer properties. Smokers and non-smokers who feeds on these raw fruits and vegetables had somehow lower their chances of being at risk of getting bladder cancer by 40 percent, and this founding was only recorded for those who fed on raw foods three times per month. That's a ridiculously small amount of vegetable matter, and yet it had a profound anti-cancer effect.

This founding was presented in a meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research in Philadelphia.

(Source: Maskulin Magazine / Writer: Irfan Khairi)


Khairi, the Malaysian youngest millionaire, wrote on how people manage their money in ways that can actually cause that person to end up with too many credits, especially students.

He/ She gets a new car because the down payment is just a ‘cute’ amount; go shopping for branded and expensive materials that they never dreamed of ever owning it; investments for future finance; and save a little bit for study.

Is that your way of spending your loan money?

By Jill Serjeant Wed Jul 23, 9:02 PM ET

Los Angeles (Reuters) - Brad Pitt, husband of Angelina Jolie, who finally delivered her twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, at a hospital in Nice, had called for legal action against reporters and paparazzi who took pictures of their newly born child and sold it to an unauthorized publisher to be posted. The lawyer had somehow not telling the public which family members were in the picture being snapped. Brad told the press that the babies pictures were sold at USD11 million to a magazine and the money will be donated for charity. Celebrities who had links to the photos had removed them from their sites late that Thursday.

(Editing by Steve Gorman and Peter Cooney from the Yahoo News)

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